Yes, God! Book
Yes, God! Book


Yes, God! Book

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My journey through life has taken me to some incredible places, into some deep valleys, and allowed me to enjoy meaningful experiences and relationships. But what’s the one thing that ties them all together?

My love of God and faith shines a light on everything I do in life, and allows me to see the good in people and the beauty in the world that makes life what it is. I’m passionately committed to sharing a uniquely powerful message alongside a whole host of other inspiring women, and want you to join us on our journey.

 Read our story today, and see for yourself how saying YES to God can help you shape your life as you reconnect with the world around you.


Back Cover:

Saying “YES, GOD” is not always an easy decision.Saying “yes” doesn't always come with instructions.Saying “yes” doesn't always mean things are easy.Saying “yes” doesn't always mean that the path is clear.Saying “yes” doesn't always make sense to those around us.Saying “YES, GOD” may mean saying goodbye to old seasons. It may mean changing careers, changing your environment, or changing relationships. It may also mean being an honest mirror with yourself and examining where you are in your walk with God.It is really about trusting Him when things don't make sense and knowing that relying on Him is what He desires. It is about trusting His plan for you, not your plans. It is trusting that each roadblock, valley, and disappointment is designed to shape you, grow you, and place you right where He needs you to be. It is trusting that each situation you go through is not always for you, it may be for the person He is about to place in your life.Each of the authors in this book shares her journey of what saying “yes” to God meant and what it led to in her life. They share their struggles, victories, honest reflections, their “Aha!" moments, and of course, that moment when they said, "Yes, God." Each of these authors offers invaluable information that can help you challenge yourself, grow, and look at whatever your situation is in a new light.Saying “YES” is a choice. It is a decision. It is a daily walk. Learn from these stories and the lessons these women have learned along the way to saying “YES, GOD!”