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About Chemistry Coffee

Established in September 2018, Chemistry Coffee is a venue for organically harvested, locally roasted coffee that boasts its richness; it is well–supervised and well maintained, from harvest through the roasting process.
Colette Huxtable founded Chemistry Coffee on the principles of love, community, and strong relationships. After previously working in oncology nursing, Colette left her job after her husband convinced her to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. During a yearlong entrepreneurial course with a Christian focus, Colette asked God what vision He had for her business and she was amazed as she slowly realized God’s visions and saw all of their plans unfold.
While it wasn’t an easy process, through hard work, dedication, and love of freshly roasted coffee, Chemistry Coffee was created to build community connections and positively impact the coffee roasting industry.
Why Chemistry Coffee?
We take pride in our hands-on approach in choosing our producers and suppliers. We want to build and create stronger relationships by sharing freshly roasted coffee and building the chemistry through it, hence the name Chemistry Coffee. After all, strong connections and lasting relationships are built through continuous and meaningful communication. And what better way to start that than through sharing a cup of coffee?
Building a legacy
Creating a sense of a health towards drinking coffee is something that we want to build upon and truly believe in. We watch what we eat and drink and this goes the same with our business. On our way to getting fully organic coffee beans, we partnered with our suppliers as well as our coffee farmers, including those who decaffeinate without chemicals and grow coffee beans in an organic way. We want to keep up with our mindset that we work with people who also share the same passion in terms of creating the cup of coffee we need – in a deeply healthy and organic way.
Apart from that, we take our partnership with our suppliers to the next level. Living up to the word “partnership”, we ensure to have close ties with our partners, even going to the level of our coffee bean growers and farmers. We ensure their lives are sustainable along with their loved ones by only supporting fair trade growers. 
We hold periodic fund-raising activities for several groups within the community such as for youth and sports programs. This way we can create camaraderie and collaboratively create the best tasting local roasted coffee that is made out of pure love and chemistry. After all, when something is produced out of enthusiasm and pure love, the eventual product is greater than the sum of its parts.
All in all, we are building a legacy of putting locally roasted coffee out in the market with a number of distinct properties that we truly believe in. Some of the greatest connections can be made in small moments, like sharing a cup of coffee, and that’s something we want communities to experience. Along with this comes an honest customer service that will produce a clean, fresh and personalized coffee experience that you can truly enjoy when you are at a church event, a party, a restaurant or even from the comfort of your home.
For more information about us and other things about Chemistry Coffee, please feel free to contact us anytime.